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Sauna wood oil

Sauna Wood Oil is safe for all sauna rooms. This product is pure and completely free of color, fragrance and toxins. Protects all types of sauna woods.

Keep sauna benches and wall paneling protected by not allowing excess moisture to soak into wood fibers. Sauna Wood Oil is an environmentally friendly and is an all natural base product, solvent-free.

This wood oil is a pure natural product, a non-allergenic product. Color and fragrance free. The product is not flammable. The use of this product does not require the use of protective gloves. This oil is suitable for all sauna wood types.

Instructions in English.


Mineral oil for wood, slate or stone. Food safe. Approved by the British Pharmacopoeia, Spanish Pharmacopoeia, USA certification to DAB, Codex certification to USB178.362(a) and FDA 172.878 USP specification.

This oil penetrates into the wood, providing protection and revitalising its natural colour.

Very easy to apply with a folded kitchen tissue.

Clear, tasteless, odourless and safe.

Perfect for food preparation items thanks to its approved food quality.
For chopping boards, wooden boards, choice boards, butchers block... It is tasteless, and will never go rancid.

Instructions in English.



For wood turning fans.

5 bars of carnauba wax solid for application on the piece while it is rotating. Each bar measures 59 x 22 x 13 mm.

Finish classic and durable, carnauba wax is a wax of high hardness and high brightness.

Instructions in English.


Kit repair wood.

This kit contains everything you need to repair small damage to elements finished.

It consists of a pen, two sticks of wax and a wedge of wood for applying the wax.

In color white, black, cherry, walnut, wenge, oak, mahogany, sapele.

Everything you need in a purchase! Instructions in English.

For repair doors, chairs, tables, picture frames...

Instructions in English.

Lemon oil

Cleans, cares, nourishes and brightens to woods (doors, tables, chairs...)

Contains cloth for application.

Smell of lemon.

Product without silicone.


Orange oil

Cleans, cares, nourishes and brightens to woods (doors, tables, chairs...)

Contains cloth for application.

Smell of orange.

Product without silicone.


Oil Tung

Using oil Tung you can restore wood to its full natural balance, original shine, texture and colour and any tendency for drying can be corrected.

It's easy to use and excellent wood eindringen.

Instructions in English.


Slip woodworking liquid form

Slip woodworking liquid form in 1 liter (35.19 fl. oz.) with sprayer accesories included.

Suitable for slide the woods in brushing, planers, spindle moulders, saws...

Silicone-free anti-friction product for woodworking machines.

Transparent. No stain wood. Paintable. Protects from rust the metal surfaces of the tool.

Avoid physical effort. Makes the wood glide easier, and also helps to protect the machinery.

Instructions in english.


Wax kit for turning wood

5 units of each mode: carnauba, bee, industrial and candelilla wax. Each bar 59 x 22 x 13 mm.

Applying to the workpiece while is turning on the lathe, complete through a cotton cloth.

You can experiment with different types of glitter.

Instructions in English.

The best kit on the market!

Instructions in English.


Wax oil treatment for cutting board, butcher block, worktop, chopping board. Food safe

This product is food safe, so can be used as a protective coating on any wooden item that will come into contact with food.

Free of chemicals, solvents and harmful substances.

Ideal for cutting boards, kitchen utensils, salad bowls, rolling pins, etc. made from wood or bamboo.

Easy application.


Wax oil for wood turning . Food Safe

This product is food safe.

For application on the piece while it is running.

Applies by pressing with a cotton cloth on the workpiece while tour.



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